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Welcome to Foxy Foliage, Inc!  We specialize in custom landscape design that is personalized  around your home’s outdoor living environment. Take a look at some recent projects and learn more about what we can do for you.  Contact us to schedule an on-site consultation and receive a landscape design that will truly transform your outdoor living space!

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Spring 2021

Spring 2021: It’s time for some spring cleaning! Get ahead of the weeds in your garden and you’ll thank yourself all season long.  Dedicate a few hours to weeding your flower beds this weekend and finish it off with a fresh layer of mulch (pro tip: spread it about 2” thick to keep weeds from germinating).  Our favorite mulches are the kinds that break down and nourish the soil (ie: pine straw and mini pine bark).  Use mulch sparingly around stems and trunks to ensure a healthy plant.  Fertilize your citrus trees and container pots while you’re at it to guarantee healthy fruit and flower production.  Our favorite flower fertilizer is Osmocote since it’s time-released and free of ‘fillers’. Remember, a little bit of gardening maintenance now will go a long way this growing season!  Enjoy and happy gardening! (more…)

flower quad by Leah Fox, Foxy Foliage Inc

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